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Girlflesh: Almost Human album review

I’m trying out a new topic today, an album review! The band Girlflesh asked for people to do reviews of her new album Almost Human, and I volunteered. I was extremely honored that she would accept me, with my humble number of followers to write this review for her.

Girlflesh. I ran into this band on Facebook. Or should I say I ran into this woman on Facebook. It’s a one woman band that does it all herself. Roxxi Wallace is her name. She lives in Australia, where one of my favorite indutrial/Agro-tech duos ever came from, Angelspit. If I recall correctly, it was Angelspit’s Zoog Von Rock’s sharing her link that turned me on to her in the first place.

How to describe the sound of Girlflesh? Hmmm, that’s tough. Industrial, yes. Emotional, angry, and the lady drops the bass like nobody’s business. Her voice is like a quiet, dissonant, breathless wail that somehow manages to go so well with what she’s doing, it’s amazing. If you heard her singing alone, it wouldn’t prepare you for how perfectly it fits with her music.

The first track on Almost Human starts off sounding somewhat Bjork-esk. Then the bass drops. It reminds me of an instrumental scream for hope in a hopeless situation.

And really, that’s something I’ve found very attractive in the music of Girlflesh. It’s emotional, and feels very personal. What is really amazing to me is how her music can have that underlying tone of agony without taking you, the listener over the depressive edge. It’s like I get a look in her mind, and see the same kind of pain most people in the human condition experience. It feels like “someone else understands”. Not like “OMG, I need to go mutilate myself, I’m so much more depressed now”. (The kind of feeling I would get from some early Nine Inch Nails.)

The album overall, is great in my opinion. There is an one worth mentioning that just feels like it doesn’t really belong though: “I’m a whore of the fourth Reich”. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good song, it just doesn’t seem to roll with the rest of the album’s vibe. That being said, I won’t be skipping the track when it comes up, it’s just… out of place. I actually mentioned my misgivings about the track to her when she was nice enough to share it on her soundcloud and link it on Facebook for us. She didn’t seem to get mad, or defensive, she was more like; “You know, I was kind of thinking that too!”

And now for the positive outliers. I have to say I love the songs “Sad Birthday, Boys, and The Curse” (which makes me picture a fog covered landscape with monsters just on the edge of your peripheral vision; the kind that are gone when you look, scaring you even more. Very H.P. Lovecraft) and the title track, “Almost Human”. These songs are my personal favorites on the album. And when half of an album is so awesome you could listen to those half the day, you have a winner. Most times I’ll find when I get a new album I like half that many that much.

Overall, the album is a worthy follow-up to her debut album “Nudes”. Not too many bands can make lightning strike twice, but Roxxi Wallace did it on this one in my opinion.

I highly recommend you check out Girlflesh. You can check her out on her soundcloud here:
Her facebook is here:

And donate if you can when you download her albums! I want her to be able to tour the world! I want to go to a live show!
And more than that, I want her to be able to keep giving the gift of her music to us all. She rocks! Thank you for giving me a sneak preview of the new album, and letting me write this for you! ^_^


Music while writing

I don’t know about other writers, but for me when I’m writing music is important.

When I’m not writing, I listen to a much different selection than I do when I am writing. I am very musically diverse though. I often listen to industrial as my music of choice, as well as a few heavy metal bands.

Examples include, but are not limited to: Skinny Puppy, Angelspit, CombiChrist, MSI, Ministry, NIN, Otep, Godsmack and Gwar.

When I am writing though, my choice of music either reflects my mood, or attempts to enhance what I am feeling while I am writing.

This story has been pretty emotional and very heavy in spots. The music I have listened to nearly the entire time has reflected that completely. I have listened to four artists nearly the whole time.

Florence and the Machine. She put it well when Florence Welch said: “Sex, violence, love, death, are the topics that I’m constantly wrestling with, it’s all connected back to religion.” A lot of people don’t recognize that these topics are often the subject of their music. It fits very well with my story.

Lana Del Ray. Her stuff is DARK. Very fitting. Not sure what more to say about that, lol.

Yuki Kajiura. Specifically I’ve been listening to the Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magika soundtracks from the TV series and the newest movie: the Rebellion story. The music is really well done, and has a good mix of light and dark moods.

I’ve put the three mentioned above in a playlist and listen to it often while writing my story.

One more worth mentioning though is Audiomachine. I play them when I’m doing battle scenes. Their stuff is hard driven and intense. It is really easy to envision a mass battle occurring while I listen to them.

To me, the right music for what I am writing is very important. It helps me set my mood, and enhances my visual imagination of what is occurring.

How important is the right music to you when you are writing?