About the author

I began writing stories since I was 9 years old, mostly as adventures for role-playing games. I tried writing a novel a few times before this, but ended up frustrated trying to write in another person’s world.

I am also a reader, with some of my favorite authors being Terry Pratchett, Terry Goodkind, James Clavell, George R.R. Martin, Frank Herbert, Brandon Sanderson, and Jim Butcher.

My favorite form of fiction is Japanese anime and manga: the pull no punches manner of storytelling, epic adventures and imaginative stories propel my imagination, and make me laugh much harder than most other types of entertainment.

I was offered a scholarship at Pathfinder school when I was in the 3rd grade due to my test scores. My family was very poor, and I dropped out of High School in the 8th grade, so I could work full-time. I continued my own education, reading and researching many subjects vigorously without the restraints of the public school system.

I wasted about 20 years of my life with severe substance abuse and dwelling in deep depression. There are large holes in my mind and memory created by this my ideas rattle around in.

My other interests include martial arts, assembling custom computers, and pretty women.


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