Halloween freak promotion! *Free stuff!*

Well, why the heck not? Sales were down, and I needed a new trick to get some attention to my book. Everything sells better when it’s free right? So I decided to roll with that for a short time! Wheee! O.o

It will be free from 10-28-15 until 11-1-15 for Halloween. Grab it here: Spirit of Magik on Amazon.

And as long as I’m giving to you for free, at least a few of you “freeloaders” can write a review about it, right? AWESOME! 😀

Tell your friends! Tell them that I am holding your sexuality hostage, and I won’t give it back unless they READ MY BOOK AND REVIEW IT!!!

If you don’t, when you get them back they will have tattoos and piercings in sensitive places. Don’t mess with me! I’ll do it! First one will get a railroad spike! Bwahahahaha!

Edit: Mr. Cluff Has been hospitalized for stress for a short time, we’re certain he will be back to his usual self soon. Thank you for your attention.


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