Thinking about moving my blog

Originally posted on on 10/23/15

Hey there. I’ve had a blog for a while, and while I’ve enjoyed WordPress for the most part, I’ve noticed something disturbing; the blogs that they host require people to login to view them! That is a bit counter-productive, IMHO. I want people to be able to read what I write weather they have an account at that site or not.

This is what has lead me here, for a test post. I have had this account for a while, but it was mostly so I could follow some people so I could see more of their stuff.

Well time to post this, and look at the options on tumblr. I may start blogging here regularly!


2 thoughts on “Thinking about moving my blog”

    1. The interesting thing is that a friend of mine told me that last friday when I sent her a link. So I took the link that I just sent, placed it in a separate browser on my PC, (One where I wasn’t logged into wordpress) and it told me the same thing. Today I tried the same experiment with two other browsers besides my primary and I couldn’t replicate the results. This is making me go “WTH?” but I know that I wasn’t hallucinating the first time, I just can’t explain why they came out differently.

      I suppose I should modify my complaint to be “A lack of consistency”.


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