Smashwords smashed!

I finally got my book into Smashwords Premium catalog on June 27th, yay! That was a bit of a task. Mostly because I was having a hard time understanding what the auto-vetter was complaining about. Essentially, the thing that had delayed me was using Libre Office’s table of contents generator. Doh. As soon as I quit doing that, I was good to go.

Thinking of using Libre Office instead of Microsuck Office? Here is a most fantastic guide to setting your book up by the Smashwords Style Guide: I found it when I was super frustrated and googled “Smashwords Style Guide Sucks”, lol. (I was looking for a sympathetic virtual shoulder to lean on.)

I would have written and posted this here, but with the July 4th holiday, and family birthdays, we have had a string of out-of-town visitors. As well as a very sick lady coming home from the hospital. She is doing better now and doesn’t require the constant supervision she did when she first came home.

Reviews are coming in slowly for my book, but they are coming. Most of them are on Amazon, there is only one at Google play, and none at Smashwords yet.

I am now considering extending my torment and recording an audio version of Spirit of Magik. That will be an interesting challenge to read a 195,000-word document. My throat hurts just thinking about it! I have been trying to work on the next book too, but there is always something taking me away from it. I haven’t even had the chance to finish my Amazon author’s page yet! O.o

Well, thanks for reading. If you like fantasy, please give my book a try. Tell your friends if you want too!