Spirit of Magik is now available on Google Play!

Well, I’ve done all of the stuff to get my book on Google Play. Here’s an overview of what that’s all about, this is a great guide.
That being said, according to Google, it can take up to TEN days for Google’s test payment to arrive. It may be a change since the article was written though. Fortunately, it only took three days for it to be processed for me, yay!
Here’s the link to Google play.

To keep myself from dealing with the random discounts from Google, I have doubled the price on Google Play to avoid this. Here’s a nice little article about the issue if you’re unaware of what I’m talking about.
Sorry, Google Play fans. If this is an issue for you, please contact google to complain about their random discount policy that screws authors. Any complaints to me will be deleted and ignored.

I honestly wouldn’t have even bothered to upload to google play, but a friend of mine wanted it there, so I did it. Anyway, it’s out, and if I make a few sales there, I guess it will have been worth it, Yay!


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