Waiting for editing…

Well, life has been busy. So busy I haven’t been able to come on here and share my relative lack of progress.

The book is finished and the cover is done. What am I doing? Waiting for editing. My editor has been taking a while, but I can’t complain about that.

On January 25th I was in a serious car accident. I’m lucky to be here to write this, actually. My passenger was hurt worse than I was, and I felt like I had the shit beaten out of me for about a week afterwords. The car was a total loss.

Sucks to be me, huh? It gets better.

3 days later, the other car dies. Blarg. With numerous doctors appointments the following 2 weeks, we can’t be without.

So I called the one person I knew I could depend on to help me out until the other car was running again. Megan, my editor. And help us out she did. We made every appointment, and she introduced us to a mechanic that would fix the car for 1000$ less than ours.

This extra-curricular activity didn’t leave her much time for editing though. 😦

So we finally get our car back and we’re mobile under our own power. Yay! Woohoo, I can look forward to editing progress!

Nope. Megan decides that a few days after we have wheels would be the ideal time to give birth to her super-cute little squish. Damn it baby! Couldn’t you have waited just one f’n week? C’mon just one? Nope… (I fully intend to complain about the timing of her birth to her when she is old enough to appreciate it.)

If all of this hadn’t happened, the book would be out already. The fact that it isn’t has been a huge source of depression and negativity for me. I can’t be mad at Meg because of the circumstances, and all she has done. I owe her bigtime, and haven’t had the opportunity to repay that debt yet. I also know what it is like to take care of a newborn baby. It’s no picnic. But I am frustrated.

Right now, the only thing I can do is wait I guess, and work on the 2nd book even though the first isn’t even out yet. That, and try to stay positive. I’m hoping that somehow the timing of the release when it is done will work in my favor. That’s the only thing I can hope for with this now.