A Hectic Month

Over the past five weeks, I have had a tough time finding time to write. Obviously, I have also found it tough to find the time and motivation to blog.

My friend, roommate and landlady underwent her 2nd knee replacement surgery on October 16th. I am the only person in the home who has a license that she can trust with keeping things together. So, I have had to devote time to that while she was in the hospital (for 5 days) and then she went to in-patient rehab for 18 days. Getting the things done she needed me to do to keep everything together consumed some time and energy. Keeping her niece and sister from choking each other was another task altogether that I usually don’t have to deal with.

After she was released, I have had to drive her to all of her appointments, and on all of her errands. I don’t mind doing these things, I love the lady like family, but it takes time out of my day i would normally write and blog with.

She is recovering well. I have finally been able to get back to my writing more, and I am making solid progress on the final chapter of my book.

I have reached 368 pages, and 167301 words now. As an added bonus, I think I have nailed down what I want on the cover of the book. Now it’s just a matter of putting the money together for the artist.


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