A fresh set of eyes

Sorry I haven’t blogged in 13 days my faithful followers. I needed time to get my new computer tweaked out nicely, and tested it thoroughly with a heavy dose of gaming. I played the Secret World pretty hard for a bit. That game has the best stories and voice acting of any mmo I’ve played.

It was a good thing I did too, as I decided to kick Windows 8 to the curb and only use Vista for my windows OS. (Yes, I hate 8 more than I do Vista.) Netrunner linux is still my primary OS though. I spent the last two days re-installing my OS’s and the accompanying software.

I have had to take time to look for immediately paying work as well: whoever has romanticized the idea of the “starving artist” clearly hasn’t starved before.

But now I’m going through my work and revising with a fresh set of eyes. It is absolutely essential to put a little distance between yourself and your work once in a while: it helps you keep perspective when you get back to it. I am seeing so many little things to fix. It’s going to be better for this. Be patient with me please: I promise I will finish before the end of the year!


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