Building a new writing machine today

Well today I am getting an AMD A4 6300 Richland APU and an ASRock FM2A78M-HD FM2+/FM2 AMD A78 (Bolton D3) Motherboard to go with it. This will be a significant upgrade to the computer I am currently working with.

I have built several custom computers for myself, for friends and customers. I used to do IT at the store I worked at before I started writing my book.

But today will be interesting, I will for the first time ever be setting up a computer to triple-boot. I have setup machines to dual-boot operating systems before. This will also be a new adventure because I will be trying to set up grub 2.2 as my primary boot-loader. Easy BCD works for setting that up, but I’d like to have my setup as seamless as possible.

I will start by installing Windows Vista Ultimate 64 bit. You might wonder; “Why would you install that operating system at all?” The answer is this: Vista had the best movie maker out of all the windows, as well as the best DVD maker. I still have some visions for videos I want to make real on Youtube, and I’ll use this install for video editing only. I will put an 80 gb partition on my 750 gb WD HD.

The second install I will be making is Windows 8 64 bit on a 260 GB partition on the same drive. I will use this for playing the games that either I have had difficulty making them work correctly in Wine, or do not have native Linux support.

The remainder of the hard drive will be used to install Linux Netrunner 64 bit. That is What I am using right now. I have fallen in love with this distribution and have been using it exclusively since June. This will be my primary system for all of the daily work I do, web browsing, writing, playing native Linux games and using the other programs I have been able to make work flawlessly in wine.

I will be cleaning my case thoroughly after UPS brings me my parts today. I will be taking my old parts and making a backup Linux only machine to have on my shelf just in case I need it.

All data has been backed up, I am just waiting for UPS to get here now lol. GET HERE FASTER!!!!


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