The real work of writing

I started my work of writing the Spirit of Magik in October last year; its been 11 months now since I began. That’s a lot of time.

But where has the time really gone? As most writers realize, there is a lot more to it than actually typing out your scenes.

Today, I’m going to try and figure out how much of my time has gone to each different part of it. These are guesstimates only!

10% Marketing, blogging, and setting up the business end of my book being published.

30% Setting up the worlds actual setting. This has required a lot of research and thought.

20% Figuring out the history of the characters and the world that affects the story I am writing.

20% Writing new material.

20% Revising and editing.

As you see, the work of actually writing a story is a lot more than just putting hypothetical pen to paper. Making certain all of your facts are straight, and that there are no conflicts is very important.

Making history for everything is time consuming, but critical to your characters believability, even if you don’t share this history with anyone. (Most peoples histories aren’t all that interesting anyway.) It will ensure character consistency throughout your story: answering the questions of where did they grow up? What did their parents teach them? What kind of relationship did they have with their family? Did they have friends? What was important to them then, is it still important and why is so important to a writer just trying to understand their own characters, I can’t stress it enough.

Getting my world figured out is really where the lions share of my time has gone; it is time consuming but necessary. I’ll talk about my efforts to build this world in a future blog. I can’t wait to be able to share a sample of my work publicly!

My story is now at 340 pages, and 153739 words. O.o


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