Working through a hump

I’ve been working for the past five days or so trying to deal with the first big Magikal battle between two Wizards in my book. It’s been tough. I’ve been worried about making it cool, intense and gripping so it will be as awesome as I want it to be.

I’ve done quite a bit with Magik in the book so far, but this will be the first scene with two Wizards trying to pummel each other. It is imperative that it comes out right. The desire to get it right has almost paralyzed my creative juices.

But I just got an inspiration that will help me. I have decided to actually make a simple role-playing game style system to help me judge the results of each action. That combined with the few pages of notes about how and why the Magikal system works will make this awesome I think! I want the fight to feel both strategic and visceral at the same time, and the numbers I have down on notepad so far are looking really promising.

Back to work now, I just wanted to share this with everyone. Thanks for reading! ^_^


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